Bigfoot Exists at The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala! The Burger, That Is..

After a day spent fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, mountain biking and rafting at Lake Nantahala, you’ll be ready to eat like Bigfoot! Anticipating hungry diners, the Lakes End Diner has come up with the perfect solution for the ravenous appetite worked up from recreation at The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala.

When the day is done, head to the diner and try the Bigfoot Burger. Weighing  in at two-and-a-half pounds, this burger is made of five servings of hamburger pattie and comes with a nine-inch bun. It’s every bit as big as the plate it’s served on, too.

Usually, the Bigfoot Burger is a delicious meal when shared by five people. However, those who  have a ravenous appetite from soaking up the sun can try eating it on their own. For $14.99 you can have a stab at devouring this burger, fries and all its fixins. If conquered in under sixty minutes, the champion eater receives a “Tame the Beast” t-shirt and community-wide honor.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Come back for more attempts to eat the burger if you can’t finish it the first time, and make The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala your vacation destination.

The community’s 13 exclusive North Carolina home sites are better than the burger anyway. Lake- and mountain-view sites in the community are priced from $94,900 and selling quickly.

Those who plan a trip before September 30 will enjoy  a $25 gas gift card, boat tour of the lake and complimentary lunch at the Lakes End Diner.

For more information on The Village at Reflection Lake Nantahala’s fun activities to do, visit the community online.

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