Fema Launches Mobile Site for Smartphones

FEMA announces the launch of its new mobile Web site, m.fema.gov. The mobile Web site makes it easier to access emergency information from your smartphone – right where you want it! This will provide home owners and residents with another tool during storms and other emergencies, after all nothing is more important than keeping your family safe.

“Smartphones are becoming more prevalent, affordable, reliable and more viable to locate and obtain information and assistance,” said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. “This service will provide yet another avenue for the sharing of important information that is so critical to ensuring the public is prepared for emergencies. As we’ve seen in recent cases, often times after a disaster, mobile devices become a crucial lifeline to provide information to survivors.”

The new site has a user friendly, question and answer format, providing users with the answers to their top questions, such as:

What should I do in a disaster?

Where can I find assistance?

How can I help others?

FEMA will be making several enhancements to m.fema.gov in the coming months, including the ability to apply for individual assistance when a disaster has been declared by the President, check on the status of an application and update an existing application.

The mobile site is just one way that FEMA is reaching out to ensure that the public has the tools they need to be prepared for any emergency. Families are also encouraged to log onto www.ready.gov and learn more about the simple steps they can take to ready for this season.

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