Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Sports?

Child playing hockey

Child playing hockey

If you’re the proud parent of a child who plays sports, you probably already know the routine when the season starts: Buy new equipment, take your child to get a physical, submit the required

health insurance forms.

However, there may be some things you aren’t aware of, particularly in regards to your current policy. On the Equifax Finance Blog, Linda Rey shares some information regarding children’s health insurance. Her article, “

Sport Health Insurance for Kids: What Parents Need to Know,” provides helpful advice for parents to keep their children safe.

Rey advises parents to review their regular health insurance plan and make sure that sports insurance coverage is provided. Even though you probably won’t need a special insurance policy for most sports, parents should double-check their policies just in case. Also, most schools and leagues require a mandatory sports physical. If your child is participating in an activity that doesn’t require one, Rey still insists on the importance of physicals. Most exams should be covered by your health insurance, but reviewing your current policy is advised.

If your child plays for a team with out-of-state or international games, insurance protection may change. Be sure to ask an agent about out-of-area coverage or restrictions. Parents with children traveling internationally may also want to consider some form of travel insurance.

For more information on sports health insurance for children, read Rey’s full article on the

Equifax Finance Blog.

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