The Hidden Costs of Speeding

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Even though we know it can be dangerous, most of us are guilty of speeding on certain occasions – being late for work, rushing home to watch a sporting event, etc. Aside from the obvious risks and dangers associated with going over the speed limit, there are plenty of other hidden hazards as well.

According to Equifax blogger Linda Rey, getting caught speeding will cost more than just the amount on the ticket. In “

Traffic Violations and Your Auto Insurance Policy,” she explains why you should think twice before putting your foot to the floorboard.

You may think that your speeding ticket is just an exchange between you, the police officer and the county courthouse. However, your

car insurance company is keeping tabs on you too. After all, they want to assess how much of a risk you pose and adjust your rate accordingly. Rey suggests slowing down and being more alert on the road. Not only will this keep you safe, but it will also keep your driving record pristine. And a clean driving record leads to a lower insurance rate.

Rey states, “I cannot express enough the benefits of slowing down, putting the phone down, and paying attention while you drive. Doing so won’t just provide you with a lower auto insurance premium—it may save your life.” To read her full article on the Equifax Finance Blog, visit the site at and sign up to follow it on Facebook, Twitter or by RSS feed.

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