Make a List and Check it Twice to get Ahead of Taxes

Organize taxes to keep good credit scores

Organize taxes to keep good credit scores

With less than a month before Tax Day, it’s harder to get ahead but not yet impossible and there are a whole host of reasons to not wait for an extension. If you have procrastinated up to this point but want to get your taxes done and your refund in hand sooner, the experts at Equifax have some great tips for pushing forward to tax success in the new article, “

Five Tips to Jumpstart Filing Your Taxes.”

While the days are fewer, there is still time to gather up your forms and paperwork neatly and set out to either do or have someone do your taxes for you. But it will take organization and an investment of time (and possibly money, if you need help from software or a professional) to get started. First of all, set a goal or a deadline so you have a reason to start working and write it down. Do a little each day so that gathering receipts and filling out forms is progress that can be tracked rather than a mountain of work. And then don’t be afraid to ask for help – taxes are daunting and while it’s possible to do them yourself, it’s also possible to build a house yourself piece by piece – but it can be a lot easier and more precisely completed to get a professional homebuilder to do it for you.

To learn more, including tips about taxes,

credit scores and everything else personal finance, check in with free expert advice from Equifax.

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