Summer Camp: A Time of Bugs, Fun and Maybe Even Tax Breaks

Summer Camp feaDepending on your income, you may be able to write off up to 35 percent of the cost of your child’s summer camp. As long as it’s day camp. As long as you haven’t already used up the maximum $3,000 you can take from the Child and Dependent Child Care Credit. As long as you use your child-free time to relax a little. (Okay…the IRS doesn’t require that one, but wouldn’t it be nice?)

Write Off  Your Child’s Summer Camp,”  a post on the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog by tax expert Eva Rosenberg, explains the good and bad news of the summer camp credit. You use IRS Form 2441 to claim the credit on your taxes. Unfortunately for many parents who have children in private school or daycare, the money is already spent in daycare and after school care charges long before summer arrives.

If you read the stipulations on Rosenberg’s post and find you’re eligible, she warns that you should request the camp provider’s tax ID number before you send the child away. Turns out, some of them don’t want to give it out because they’re not planning to report the income.

If you’re part of the sandwich generation providing care for both children and parents, be aware that the same tax credit could apply for the care of adults who are elderly or disabled. Learn more and ask your questions at the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog.

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