The Home Buyer Tax Credit for my new home was denied! What now?!

Home SalesWith an estimated 1.8 million homebuyer tax credit forms filed with 2009 taxes, the IRS has been given the extraordinary task of correctly processing the extra paperwork. There are limitations on filing these credit forms electronically, and each application should be accompanied by specific documentation. The physical mounds of paper probably threatens to overtake the average cubicle.

Let’s cut the IRS a break. It’s no wonder some mistakes are being made and checks are delayed.

Tax expert and regular

Equifax Personal Finance blog contributor Eva Rosenberg has tips for avoiding delays and advice to follow if you’ve already been erroneously denied. Her article, “

Home Buyer Tax Credit Cash: 7 Things You Need to Know When Filing for the Home Buyer Tax Credit,” advises documentation, documentation, documentation throughout the process.

If you haven’t filed your tax credit form yet, then be sure to send proof that you bought the house (papers from closing) as well as proof that you live there now (perhaps your drivers license). Address mix ups are happening, too, so be sure to file an official change of address form in addition to writing in your new address and checking the box that your address has changed.

If it’s too late and your request has already been rejected, try, try again. Resubmit your return with copies of all the documentation and a cover letter asking to be reconsidered quickly.

Rosenberg’s article gives numbers to call (and not to call) for help with your home buyer tax credit questions. Like all the information in the

Equifax Personal Finance blog, her advice is down-to-earth and easy to follow, so give it a try!

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