Hal Von Nessen Honored for Outstanding Contributions to Housing Industry

von nessen_molsten 300x250Founder and President of RESH Marketing, Hal Von Nessen, recently received the William “Bill” Molster award from the National Sales and Marketing Council (NSMC) at the 2011 International Builder’s Show in Orlando, Fla.

The annual award is given to individuals who make significant contributions to both the NSMC and the housing industry. It is named after Bill Molster, founder of the NSMC for the National Association of Home Builders.

Von Nessen’s name should sound familiar to anyone in the South Carolina real estate industry, as he was inducted into the South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame in 2010. Since 1995, the Hall of Fame has honored those who have had a major impact on the housing industry through work in building, development or other related areas.

In addition to Hall of Fame honors ,Von Nessen has been recognized by the Institute of Residential Marketing (IRM), receiving the Trina Ripley Award for excellence in education. He is also a member of such prestigious organizations as the NAHB Society of Honored Associates; the Faculties of the IRM; the University of Housing; and the Home Builders Institute.

Von Nessen’s contributions to the South Carolina housing industry, and the real estate market in general, cannot be overstated. Since founding RESH Marketing in 1979, he has assisted in marketing over 15,000 new homes across the nation. Von Nessen has also assisted numerous Home Builders Associations throughout the United States, continuously strengthening the industry. As a result of his hard work and dedication, he was the first person from South Carolina ever elected to serve as president of the NAHB Institute of Residential Marketing.

For more information about Hal Von Nessen and RESH Marketing, contact Theresa Taylor at theresa@resh.com.

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