McCar Homes Builds Consumer Confidence

Looking for a guarantee? Well, McCar Homes has one. McCar homes is launching their Assurance Guarantee, which assures that new homeowners recieve the lowest available base price at the time of closing with a 90-day interest rate lock and 15-year warranty. For those that have been hesitant about purchasing a new home in today’s market, you can rest assured with this extraordinary offer from McCar. As a new homebuilder in the Carolinas, McCar obviously goes above and beyond to provide its customers with the most positive experience. This guarantee is offered in Columbia and Greensville, SC,  and Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh, NC.

Another way McCar homes shows that they care for their clients is if the base price of a home is reduced between the time of contract and the time of closing they will honor the new base price. McCar homes has been leading the way in customer service for their prospective homeowners. They want whats best for their customers and that is why they offer the 90 day interest rate lock, and a 15 year warranty. They wish to give their homeowners piece of mind by taking that extra step. With the Assurance Guarantee incentive offered by McCar, there is no reason for hesitation anymore.

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