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Charlotte Ranks in Top 25 U.S. Cities with the Most Energy Star Buildings

Energy Star LogoCharlotte was recently listed as one of 25 cities with the greatest number of energy efficient buildings that earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star certification in 2011.

These buildings sprawl over a combined 25 million square feet, and are expected to save almost $15 million annually in energy costs and prevent greenhouse gas emissions equal to the emissions of 2,600 homes.

Buildings and plants that carry the Energy Star label are the best in terms of energy efficiency. They save the most money, use the least amount of energy and significantly reduce green house emissions. Across the nation, the 16,500 Energy Star certified buildings have helped save $2.3 billion in utility bills annually and have prevented greenhouse gas emissions equal to 1.5 million homes.

The list of the top 25 cities with the greatest number of energy efficient buildings was first released in 2008. Since that time, Los Angeles has remained the top city. Other top cities include Washington D.C., Atlanta, Boston, Tampa, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City and Riverside. This year, California was the top represented state, with six of its cities making the list.

The Energy Star rating was launched by the EPA in 1992, and is a market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency. Over the program’s 20 years, $230 billion has been saved on utility bills and 1.7 billion metric tons of carbon pollution have been prevented. There are a total of fifteen types of commercial buildings in addition to new homes that can earn this designation including office buildings, retail stores, K-12 schools and more.

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Want to Move to a “Green” Location? Consider Charlotte

1158957_green_houses aref featInvesting in energy-efficient products and green building not only protects the environment, but it protects your family as well. Buyers looking for a healthy, “green” location for their families should consider the purchase of Carolina real estate in Charlotte, N.C.

Recently, Charlotte was named as one of the top 25 cities with the most energy-efficient buildings that received the EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification in 2010. Among the facilities that are eligible to earn the ENERGY STAR label are K-12 schools, supermarkets, bank branches, financial centers, places of worship, hospitals, offices and retailers to name a few. Your family probably frequents these types of locations often, if not on a daily basis.

So, why is this important for your family? Did you know that nearly 20 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from energy use in commercial buildings? However, ENERGY STAR certified buildings emit 35 percent less carbon dioxide and use 35 percent less energy than average buildings.

To qualify for the ENERGY STAR rating, a building must perform better than at least 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide, and be verified by a licensed professional engineer or a registered architect.

Tell us what you think: How important is energy efficiency to you?

For more information about Charlotte’s ENERGY STAR certified buildings, visit the ENERGY STAR website.

Stanton Homes are ENERGY STAR Certified

Stanton Home Logo1With an economy like the present one everyone is looking for ways to save money, from groceries to gas to home utilities. Raleigh home builder, Stanton Homes has been building new homes in North Carolina for decades and recently announced a 100% commitment to building energy efficient homes that save money and improve the quality of living. This has earned them the ENERGY STAR qualification.

The ENERGY STAR qualification means that homes are 15% more energy efficient than those built to the International Residential Code. Strict guidelines are followed during the building process and then homes are inspected by a third party to see that they meet all the standards. These changes lead to monthly savings on utility bills and a more comfortable living atmosphere.

Custom homes built for Stanton Homes homebuyers are not required to take advantage of ENERGY STAR, but all homebuyers are educated on the advantages this certification has to offer. However, all speculative homes are built and certified as ENERGY STAR. Another option that Stanton Homes advises their homebuyers to look into is the EnergyWise home. This makes use of a state-of-the-art HVAC system that  reduces heating and cooling costs 50-70% monthly. Imagine the savings with that.

When it comes to saving money, even small amounts add up. On average, a home is lived in 7 to 8 years and this can add up to thousands of dollars over time. There are more than just financial benefits though. ENERGY STAR homes reduce dependence on natural resources as well as increases the air quality in a home. During or after the building process framing and insulation inspections take place to see that your home runs as efficiently as possible. Homes can save as much as 15% of their energy. ENERGY STAR is part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy and has already resulted in saving Americans $19 billion dollars in 2008. These homes also keep out cold, heat, pollution and noise more than the average home. Choosing to have your home ENERGY STAR qualified will be valuable now and in the future.