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Is Purchasing a Home in Cash Always the Best Choice?

Hands holding piggy bank and  house modelMany home buyers throughout the Carolinas may wonder whether paying for their home in cash or securing a mortgage makes more sense, particularly with rates still at historic lows. If you can afford it, paying for your new home in cash may seem like the obvious choice. However, for many buyers, that may not always be the best option.

There can be many advantages to financing your home with a mortgage company, such as Starkey Mortgage (WR Starkey Mortgage, LLP NMLSR #2146).

Having a mortgage means that you will have liquid assets that will allow you to secure cash if something unexpected occurs, such as a natural disaster or sudden illness. Most experts recommend that you have enough liquid cash available to support your household for up to six months in case your cash flow suddenly and unexpectedly stops.

By purchasing your home with cash, you will have fewer resources available to invest elsewhere. If you financed a portion of your home and invested that money somewhere else, it may be able to outperform the money you’re saving on a mortgage, therefore becoming a better investment option for your money.

Mortgages, especially fixed-rate mortgages, can act as an effective hedge against inflation. As inflation makes the dollar less valuable over time, your monthly payment will actually become more valuable as it doesn’t change over the lifetime of the loan.

For more information on whether securing a mortgage for your new home purchase is the right option, contact Starkey Mortgage’s Senior Vice President and Regional Manager, Debra Watt (NMLSR #346277, NC License #I-149994) at 704-246-0132 or dwatt@starkeymtg.com. For more information on Starkey Mortgage, visit www.StarkeyMortgage.com.

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McCar Homes Offers Assurance Guarantee

McCar Homes is offering buyer insurance in their Carolina communities. Called the Assurance Guarantee, it allows homeowners to feel confident that they made a sound investment and the right choice for their families. The Assurance Guarantee ensures that homeowners receive the lowest base price at the time of closing. Homeowners also receive a 90 day interest lock and a 15 year warranty on their home. Every single luxury home built by McCar is a high-quality house that you can be confident will last, and this warranty shows that they truly stand behind their homes. The warranty covers any constructional defects as well as all structural elements. How often does a company come along that really allows you to buy a new home with complete peace of mind? As always the McCar communities are top of the line with incredible amenities to give you and your family a place to play and grow together.

mRelevance Challenges Homebuilders to “Google Yourself”

Do you like what you see when you put your company’s name in Google? Well when mRelevance, a new company started by the joining of Flammer Relations and MLC New Home Marketing, encouraged homebuilders to “google themselves” many found that their website did not pull up on page one, or that there was a negative article published. mRelevance specializes in improving SEO to your website and making sure that customers find positive, useful and relevant sites when putting your keywords into search engines. Today, over 90% of homebuyers shop online before heading out to view properties, meaning that a significant presence online is more powerful than ever. The team at mRelevance understands this and can help you establish the correct type of attention both online and in traditional means through internet marketing, social media and public relations. mRelevance is a one-stop-shop that can take your business to the next level through basic steps like building you the right kind of website to more in-depth means such as blogging, writing copy, tracking site visitors, writing online and traditional press releases or even planning big events to attract more customer attention. So google your company, and if you don’t like what you see, put the mRelevance team to work for you.