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Starkey Mortgage Launches New National Builder Division with Great Success

Starkey LogoWhile new home sales and buyer confidence begin to rise again after the market downturn, Starkey Mortgage (WR Starkey Mortgage, LLP NMLSR# 2146) has created a new division devoted entirely to helping home builders drive traffic to their communities by utilizing the most successful marketing, advertising and promotions.

The Texas-based mortgage company has aligned with community home builders and homebuyers through the economic downfall and understands that many home builders do not have the in-house resources or marketing departments required to help them effectively market their communities. Starkey Mortgage’s southeastern U.S. division developed the unique and innovative Builder Services program in response to this unfulfilled niche, which offers professional marketing assistance to small to mid-sized builders.

As a mortgage banker, Starkey Mortgage originates, processes, underwrites, closes and funds residential mortgage loans in the Starkey Mortgage name. This is an advantage over mortgage brokers who must rely on their investors to underwrite and close loans. Another benefit is the operations and underwriting is located in the branches with the loan officers. This “in-house” authority provides the company with increased control over the mortgage process, which results in superior customer service.

Debra Watt, Senior Vice President and East Regional Manager, explained, “The extensive support from the Builder Services Division allows our loan officers to focus on the homebuyers, resulting in a smoother sales cycle and a positive partnership between all parties for the long term.”

After a successful first year in the southeast region, the Builder Services Division has expanded nationally, developing and servicing relationships in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Randee Black with Starkey Mortgage

To spearhead this division, the company recruited Randee Black in early summer 2012. With a background in marketing, graphic design and social media, paired with her mortgage-business expertise, she has been a tremendous asset to Starkey Mortgage’s success. “Being able to offer the tools and resources needed to successfully market to home builders allows us to become a part of the builder’s sales force through customized, co-branded solutions, on-site coverage and training to help generate traffic to the new home communities we service,” said Black. The Builder Services division has since grown, and provides full, in-house graphic design, communications and social media support.

With branch offices across multiple regions, the National Builder Division is able to facilitate clients locally, providing regional depth, area knowledge and consistent availability. With the uptick in housing starts, home values and employment growth, the Builder Services team continues to focus its efforts in North and South Carolina, and has built strong relationships with several builders primarily within the Triad, Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia and Charleston markets.

Through the use of effective social media, digital and print marketing efforts, the National Builder Division strives to capture the builder’s message and help to transform it into a clear, concise message to homebuyers and real estate agents. Services include marketing, brand strategy, digital/online presence, media and press campaigns and marketing collateral with financing scenarios.

For more information on Starkey Mortgage’s Builder Services Division, please contact Randee Black at rblack@starkeymtg.com, 678-350-9041 or visit www.starkeybuilderservices.com.

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Developer Randy Allen Celebrates a 40-year Career in Real Estate

North Carolina developer

Randy Allen, a developer located in Charlotte, has had a long and successful career in Carolina real estate, as well as up and down the East coast. His company, Randy Allen North Carolina Developer, has achieved success due to his hard work, professionalism and leadership.

Randy Allen entered the real estate world in 1972, immediately after college. He started out by designing and overseeing the development of single family homes, starting with tiny neighborhoods. Now, through is company, he oversees teams of contractors to develop communities with more than 1,000 homes. The communities Randy Allen has worked on often include planned developments with parks and other features, as well as locations with waterfront lots on manmade lakes and marinas.

Randy’s experience and professionalism grew over time, which led to him taking on even larger projects. In 2009, his company received an award from the American Council of Engineering Companies for a large-scale waste water treatment plant they built.

When asked about the secret to his success, Randy Allen attributed it to enjoying his work and having plenty of help, including that of quality contractors who have helped them build communities that they could be proud of. Randy’s colleagues have also praised his professionalism, creativity and ability to work well with his contractors.

For more information on Randy Allen North Carolina Developer, visit their website.

Truths about Real Estate Investing

Investing in Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate

Real estate

investing is big business these days, but just as with any “boom” there are some misconceptions out there about what’s really trending. Steve Cook, real estate and government writer, discredits five popular real estate investing myths in his article “

Buying a Home: Facts and Fictions about Investing” on the Equifax Finance Blog.

Myth 1: Real estate investors are basically flippers who buy and sell properties as fast as they can. Flipping isn’t easy these days, because home prices are still incredibly low in most areas. Investors want to buy low and sell high and flippers are having a hard time doing that. They can buy low, but just can’t sell high.

Myth 2: Real estate investors must be rich because they buy homes with cash. According to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 51% of investors did not pay cash – they either took out mortgages on the homes and lived there while fixing them up or they took out home equity loans or second mortgages on their homes. Of the 49% reportedly paying cash, many of those were actually bought with loans from real estate investment firms. The number of homes truly bought with cash is probably much lower.

Myth 3: By turning homes into rentals, investors change the nature of neighborhoods. Cook does a good job explaining the rental/ownership cycle that many neighborhoods will experience. Right now, demand on rentals is high, and investors can make more money by

buying a home and holding onto them as rental units. But as the market shifts, which it will, those renters will want to buy, and demand for rentals will decrease. As rents decrease, it will no longer be cost effective for investors to keep holding onto those properties – they will make more money by selling them.

Myth 4: Investors are interested only in lower-priced properties. Investors can get the best deals on foreclosures and short sales, which are priced much lower than comparable homes for sale. Smaller, entry level homes are in greater demand than larger, more expensive ones, and cost less to fix up.

Myth 5: Real estate investors are full-time professionals. Real estate investing is filled with newbies, one-timers and those who didn’t intend on getting into it. A recent Move study showed that only 36.5% of investors has experience in one or more property transaction.

Have you considered real estate investing? If so, now may be the time. Visit the Equifax blog for more tips on real estate, as well as retirement, credit, insurance and more.

Many Are Making Home Repairs, But Why?

Home BuilderSo, you’re about to make repairs to  your home. Is it because you’re preventing further upkeep while you wait for the real estate market to change? Is it because you just can’t put it off any longer? Or are you preparing to sell your home in what you see as a shifting market?


Equifax Personal Finance Blog recently posted an article by real estate expert Ilyce Glink entitled “

Best Time of the Year to Start Big Home Improvement Projects.”  Glink reports on the ServiceMagic Q3 Remodeling and Repair Index, which shows that homeowners are focusing more on necessary repairs and less on remodeling and addition projects.

These repairs are coming after a period that Equifax has previously reported as a time focused on paying down consumer debt. In fact, 46 percent of the homeowners say they have put off making repairs for more than a year, but could wait no longer. The report shows an increase in repair and maintenance services on heating and furnace systems, septic tank and well services, roofing, and window installation.

While the ServiceMagic report seems to show people making repairs as they prepare to stay in their homes for awhile longer, sometimes real estate agents will have their sellers make repairs so homes will be more attractive to potential Continue reading

Get free Web-based MLS listings

softRealty.com LogoThis is no April Fool’s joke, launched today is a new software company – www.softrealty.com – that provides REALTORS and brokers with a free IDX service offering Web-based MLS listings. Knowing that 90% of home buyers shop online before ever calling an agent, the online competition between agents is steep. softRealty is a great way to set your website apart from others. This is a great opportunity to save a lot of money and time trying to generate leads because softrealty.com will drive more traffic to the agent’s side and turn those leads into clients. Check it out today!